American Cocker Spaniel

Purebred Cocker is friendly, kind and gets along well with other animals, love children, like the Beauceron and the Border Collie and Australian Shepherd.

Cocker has the ability to behave exactly as it should. Most time the dog wants to play and walk with the owner. However, if circumstances require you to be absent, it will patiently wait for the return home (so

Main character traits are such as friendliness and lack of aggression toward strangers, devotion, love for children, the ability to make friends with other pets, intelligence and playful nature make a perfect dog for families with children and for all of the owners, who want to have a smart and cheerful friend. ...more

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Basset Fauve de Bretagne

Dogs of this breed is very hardy and brave, have a cheerful character. The main aim of those who want to buy this dog is to use it for hunting, however, it is a very nice pet for the family, its imposing appearance and identity attracts more and more fans of this breed. In the UK, the breed has earned a reputation as not only a fun and cheerful hunting dog but also a devoted and skillful companion (some on Dogue de Bordeaux For Sale).

Basset is a very energetic dog, it needs quite a large exercise, in case of having enough exercising the representatives of this breed can live in an urban environment. The breed is popular in France and the UK, it is recognized as the FCI, KCGV. The dogs live about 10-14 years. ...more

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These dogs are agile and quick, alert and intelligent. Because of its "semi-wild" nature these dogs are very distrustful of strangers and avoid them. Moreover, they need time and training to get used to the owner. Most dogs of this breed are still wild, behind-no training. But systematic, patient and respectful training of Carolina Dog can make it your faithful companion, a hard-working worker and a formidable guard. Maybe it's Cavalier King Charles Spaniel For Sale.

With a dog of this breed only an experienced breeder can handle. Carolina Dog used to live in a pack, and it sees its family as its pack too, in which the owner has to prove himself a leader. These dogs are suspicious of strangers, including children. It gets along well with the children who they grew together. Carolina Dog gets along well with other pets: dogs, cats, small animals. The life expectancy of the dog breed is about 12-15 years. ...more

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Labrador Husky

Labrador Husky may seem to be similar to the wolf as it doesn't bark and howls instead. Not many people know about this breed. First you may think that the breed appeared as a result of an interbreeding of two well-known breeds like Labrador and Husky but it is not true. The reality is that the breed is a purebred dog of coastal Labrador. As for the temperament of this breed it should be admitted that the main goal of training is to gain pack leader status. Its family becomes its pack where it wants to have complete order.

The highest intellect distinguishes all members of this breed, the dogs can independently assess the situation. Often the reluctance of the dog to do what the master orders is dictated not by stupidity and stubbornness but its self-sufficiency: the dog just does not see the point in the command. The independence and the need for regular physical activity are often the cause of running away from home. Huskies love to dig a tunnel and can even jump over the very high fence, so the best prevention of escapes will be the device cage and long lasting daily jog. ...more

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Nowadays, dog ornaments have become beloved presents for friends and family members. Those may be items for the top of elegant mantle-pieces or a magnet toy for the top of a computer-screen. No matter, what kind of ornament it is, it will always symbolize endless love between a dog and its owner.

Many collectors select dogs' ornaments or figurines for many reasons, for instance, their high price. It's well known that rare dog breeds are sold at a really high price on the market, the same concerns the dogs' figurines. Still, much depends on the material from which they're made. Trendy artisans create limited designer editions making them even more expensive. Today, some pet lovers intend to have different figurines of different dog breeds imaginable. It's often a lifelong purpose of many collectors.

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