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A Letter of Apology to Michael Del Zotto

Dear Michael Del Zotto,


Hey Michael, this is Jonathan Ragus from Ranger Nation. I would ask how you are doing but the entire New York Rangers fan base already know how you are doing, you are doing GREAT!

I am writing to you today to apologize for some of our fellow “bloggers” and peers. The ridicule, insults and “opinions” that you faced last season when you were in your funk were uncalled for. Yes, you had an extremely down season but ended up in Hartford to work on it and look at where it got you. You are now one of the better defensemen in the National Hockey League who ranks third in the league in +/- to go along with your 7 goals and 23 assists. You are just on fire this season!

Some of those peers even took to calling you “Del Zaster” last season, the unfortunate part is that they are still calling you by that name. Why do you ask? Probably because certain people can never man up and admit when they are wrong. Actually, yes that is exactly what is going on here. People cannot admit when they are wrong. And boy, were they wrong about you Michael.

During the 2010-11 season you played in only 47 games and notched 11 points. Yes, a very down season considering you had 37 points the season before. But we all knew what it was, it was the dreaded Sophomore slump. Most athletes in all of sports go through it, some don’t. But you did. But it wasn’t a season where your fans, the Rangers fans, should have given up on you and hoped you were traded. It was one bad season after one very good season. Now look at where you are Michael. On top of the world!

Your New York Rangers are in first place and have played AMAZING all season long. And why? Because of teamwork, heart and dedication. You are such a huge part of this and you should be damn proud of yourself for coming back and playing the hockey we all knew you could play.

So let me take this opportunity to apologize to you on behalf of my “peers” and fellow “bloggers” who cannot seem to grow up and do the apologizing themselves.

You deserve the apology more than you think and you also deserve the fantastic season you are having.

Keep up the amazing job you are doing and send our appreciation to all of your teammates.


Yours truly,

A grateful Rangers fan

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