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Are The NHL Owners and Players Really This Dumb?

Dear NHL owners and players,

Hope your summer has been going well. It’s been a pretty exciting offseason so far with a great draft and lots of big-name player moves. And the Los Angeles Kings winning the Stanley Cup was a lot of fun. Here in New York we’re still basking in the glow of one of the most successful seasons the Rangers have played since 1994 and hopeful for next season to be just as exciting.

But here’s the thing: We’re worried that there might not be a season this fall. This whole collective bargaining agreement negotiations thing seems to not be going well. You players have dragged out counter offering the owners. And you owners, especially your leader, are throwing the word “lockout” around again. We don’t like that word.

See, here’s the thing, we all remember the last lockout. It was pretty awful. We had football to watch, but then when the season was over we had to watch things like basketball. Yuck. And AHL hockey? It’s just not the same.

I know you both want to get as much money as you can in this new deal. We know you want to have something that you both deem “fair” (though none of us fans will think any of it is fair since we will never see the kind of money you guys earn). But you do realize the repercussions of what will happen if there’s another lockout, right?


Not only will you owners not be generating revenue in ticket sales, you players won’t be earning anything because you won’t be playing. And, oh, you’re going to piss off a lot of fans, especially at a time when the league has become quite popular again. I can guarantee a lot of people won’t be rushing back to buy tickets and merchandise when you get your act together and actually have games again.

Remember how you guys had to rebuild the league in 1995 and again in 2005? You’re going to have to do that all over again. All the momentum and goodwill you’ve built in the years since thelast lockout will be gone. Any sort of work stoppage is going to be a public relations nightmare for both of you.

I keep asking myself: ARE THESE GUYS REALLY THIS DUMB?!

Seriously, are you guys this dumb? Can’t you stop being selfish for a month or two and think of us fans to get this thing done? We know it’s not easy, but we just landed a rover on Mars. Hammering out a new CBA is nothing in comparison.

Hoping to see camp open in September,


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