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Former and Current Rangers Want The Islanders To Stay

Past and presents members of the New York Rangers are showing their support for the New York Islanders franchise and their fans. Brian Boyle, Brian Leetch, Adam450x362-alg_rangers_islanders_gaborik_comeau.jpg (450×362) Graves and Rod Gilbert spoke to Chris Botta of Islanders Point Blank about the issue.

Brian Leetch
“Islanders fans have proven their support for the team. It would be bad for the area’s hockey fans and for the NHL to lose this rivalry.”

Adam Graves
“I’ve been following the story of the issue of the Islanders’ arena and really hope something can be worked out.”

Brian Boyle
“For the players and the fans, our games against the Islanders are the most exciting of the regular season and I hope some day we’ll battle in the playoffs. ”

Rod Gilbert
“I want to see this situation with the arena finally get settled and I know I speak for the Rangers organization when I say that I want to see the Islanders franchise strong forever and ever.”

… this is a rivalry like no other in the National Hockey League and I share the same sentiments as the Rangers organization and would hate to see the Islanders move from Long Island to a different state further away and the organization be lost forever. 

We may not like the Islanders franchise but the fact remains that it would never be the same if they somehow turned into the Kansas City Highlanders. It would kill the rivalry. 

For more quotes from Leetch, Graves, Boyle and Gilbert please head over to Chris’ blog: Islanders Point Blank 

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