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Rangers Fans, Do You Have Any Superstitions?

One of my closest friends won’t ever let me forget how I (and two others) banned her from a Hartford Wolfpack playoff game in 2000.

It was a deciding Game 5 in the first round, and we told Terry she wasn’t allowed to go to the game. You see, the Pack had yet to win a game when Terry was in attendance. We couldn’t chance fate here. Terry didn’t go, and the Pack won, eventually winning the Calder Cup that spring.

I freely admit I am a pretty superstitious person when it comes to sports, although I’m not as bad as I was when I was younger. My white Messier jersey still has stains from the 1997 playoff run because I refused to wash it, for example. I had a routine to tape my wrists when I played field hockey many moons ago.

One of my most infamous examples actually is about baseball. The Mets were behind in a game in 2006 when I got up to get some food in the sixth inning. They started a comeback while I was standing in line to buy french fries. A few weeks later, I again got up to get french fries and the Mets mounted a comeback. They have since been dubbed “the rally fries” by my friends and family, and there’s even assorted rules that come with them. But rarely do the rally fries fail.

I haven’t had a whole lot of superstitious routines this season for the Rangers, much like I did for the Giants on the Super Bowl championship run (always wore the same outfit every Sunday and went to the same bar and had the same meal). Although last night I was eating a baked potato when the Rangers started the comeback, so you know what will be on my menu Thursday night.

And the Broadway Hat? Indications are the hat was still in New York with Brian Boyle last night and wasn’t awarded. Perhaps it needs to stay with Boyle and away from MSG on Thursday night. You know, just for superstitious reasons.

What are your superstitions and routines? We asked people on Twitter for their examples, and here’s a sampling of them:



Post a comment below or send us a tweet about your superstitions and your stories. Oh and Terry? She bought a Pack jersey before Game 1 of the next series, and the team started winning for her. She unjinxed herself

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