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Rangers Fans Do You Think This is Tough? Just You Wait

Hey, did you know the Rangers lost the series last night? You’d think that was the case if you read the social media reaction from fans. The meltdown began not long after the Senators popped in the overtime goal last night to tie the series.

The Rangers were at the top of the standings for the majority of the season, but it’s been a roller coaster ride to interact with the fans. The Rangers win a few games and everyone’s at the top of the world, preparing for a Stanley Cup parade. They lose one game, and everyone is giving up on the season. It’s been the same way this series.

But if you followed the Rangers closely this season, you know it’s always been a fight for them to win anything. They’ve had to come back plenty of times this season. They’ve had to rely on Henrik Lundqvist standing on his head often too. But they’d always grind it out and find a way to win.

So why are we surprised there’s been some drama so far in the playoffs? Where’s the faith in this team?

But if you think this is drama, you should have been around in 1994. The Rangers only needed their captain, the captain, to guarantee a win and score a natural hat trick to stave off elimination and to live another day. And once they got to Game 7, they needed heroics from the most unlikely of places in overtime. And that was just the Eastern Conference Finals against the Devils. There was that penalty shot by Bure that Richter stopped, the biggest save of his career. And I don’t think I breathed much during Game 7 of the finals.

Oh, and by the way, the Rangers hadn’t won the Cup in 54 years. We had Islanders fans (yes, they existed) chanting 1940 at us for years. Something always happened to prevent the Rangers from breaking the curse.

But all of the drama made for an even sweeter ending when the Rangers finally won the Stanley Cup.

If you think it’s tough now, just you wait. It will only get worse if the Rangers run deeper in the playoffs. So strap on your seatbelts.

Thankfully many, many fans are true blue and confident in this team. Here’s a sampling of what some of them had to say on Twitter:

@ who said it would be easy?? Makes the victory that much sweeter!! #LetsGoRangers
Margie Capriglione
@ Agreed! No reason to panic, it's been a good series. Rangers in 6. Believe!!!
Peter McMenamon
@ Pssshh we got this Saturday we are going to win and win big! I can feel it!!!!!
Dawn Marie
@ all these fans who are saying we are done obviously wasn't with us through the rough years where we didn't even make the playoffs
mike clavin

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