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Why Sean Avery’s Career Is All But Over

Sean Avery is at it once again. If you haven’t already heard by now, the troubled New York Rangers forward was arrested for battery on a police officer at his home in Hollywood. Police were responding to a noise complaint at Avery’s house. He was then arrested for allegedly shoving a police officer and then closing the door in his face.

Avery has since been released and will await his court date set for September 2nd at which point a verdict will be handed down and the New York Rangers as well as the National Hockey League can hand down any additional punishment that they deem necessary.

So now the question is whether the New York Rangers should keep Sean Avery. In my mind the answer is no. No matter how much the fans love this guy, I’m still trying to figure out why, he’s no longer a good fit with the New York Rangers, or any other team for that matter.

Avery really found comfort when he first came to New York via a trade from the Los Angeles Kings in 2007. Avery immediately found his way into fans hearts due to his hard work and his ability to be a pest. Without him the Rangers might not have made the playoffs that season as Avery tallied 20 points in 29 games and the team went an outstanding 17-6-4 with him in the lineup which helped them secure a spot in the playoffs.

The next season was no different for Avery, he did battle through a wrist injury but still collected 33 points in 57 games. They once again made the playoffs and it looked like Avery and the Rangers were just meant to be.

The following off-season the Rangers and Avery couldn’t agree on a contract and fans, including myself, were upset to see him go to the Dallas Stars, signing a four-year/$15.5 million contract.

Avery’s short time in Dallas was painful for everyone involved, he only made it two months into the season with the Stars before his infamous “sloppy seconds” comments before a game against the Calgary Flames. Avery was then suspended for six games and agreed to undergo an anger management evaluation. The Stars announced that Avery would not be brought back to the team as they felt he had embarrassed the organization and most of his teammates really didn’t want him back either.

Once the Stars decided that they would cut ties with Avery the discussion soon turned into where would Avery go? The only logical choice was back to the New York Rangers where Avery had the most success of his career. This came true when the Rangers re-acquired Avery via re-entry waivers from the Dallas Stars in February of 09, and everyone, including myself, was ecstatic to have Avery back on the Rangers where he belonged and the Rangers were only responsible for paying half of Avery’s salary which just made it that much sweeter. Avery continued his excellent play in New York notching 12 points in 18 games and everything seemed to be back to normal for Avery and the Rangers.

The playoffs rolled around once again, and this is, in my opinion, where myself and a lot of other Rangers fans started to not like Sean so much. The Rangers took a 3-1 series lead in the opening round of the playoffs against the Washington Capitals, they seemed poised to put the Capitals to bed and move on to the second round. Avery was a pest as usual but it seemed he was more of a pest to his own team than anything else. Avery consistently took stupid penalties and decided to kick it up a notch by punching Capitals goalie Semyon Varlamov in the head and acting like he didn’t do anything. The referees were watching Avery more closely but he just continued to do one stupid thing after another. Avery was then benched by John Tortorella for his play and since then Avery hasn’t been the same player. The Rangers ended up losing the series in seven games, in my mind, Avery was partly responsible for the collapse.

In Avery’s first 104 games as a Ranger he tallied 65 points, in his 145 games since being benched he has only registered 55 points, so we are looking at a player who is certainly watered down and not as effective as he was before. At this point Sean Avery barely deserves a roster spot with the Rangers and it’s a spot that should be given to a young player who can develop to help the Rangers in the future. Avery’s best hockey with the Rangers is long gone, and he is easily replaceable.

The loyalty that Rangers fans show to Avery is laughable at this point. He hasn’t done anything but hurt the team over the past two seasons and yet everyone still acts like this guy is something special. Avery is nothing special, he’s an ass, plain and simple.

If the Rangers decide to keep Avery, he will need to have an outstanding season to stay with the Blueshirts past this season as his contract expires after the season. Avery already has too much baggage for any NHL team to want to take on for an ineffective player, even for the league minimum salary and adding an arrest on top of all of this just doesn’t do Sean any good.

Sean runs his mouth on and off the ice, he continually takes stupid penalties, he has recently been accused of being a racist, and he now gets arrested for shoving a cop, which is ironic because that’s all every ever does, push, the man can’t throw a punch. I’m shocked he didn’t push the cop and then turtle on the ground immediately afterward.

I think it’s about time that he moves on, whether it be to another team, another league, or retirement. 

What do you think Rangers fans, even after all of this, do you still want Sean Avery back?

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