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Why The Ryan O’Reilly To The Rangers Rumors Need To Stop

PC_121207_ai9x0_ryanoreilly_sn635As the past few days have gone on, there has been more and more talk of the Rangers having conversations with the Colorado Avalanche about disgruntled forward Ryan O’Reilly. The more I’ve read these rumors, the more irritated I’ve become. Colorado has been trying to shop O’Reilly to multiple teams around the league, including division rivals, the Philadelphia Flyers. Now it seems like the Rangers are the main focus when it comes to the young forward. O’Reilly is a good young player who tallied 55 points last year, notching 18 goals and 37 assists, and at the age of 22 he is showing promise at a young age.

Now you would think the Rangers talking to the Avalanche about acquiring O’Reilly would be a good thing, but the price for O’Rreilly is way too high and the Rangers absolutely need to stay away at this point. Word has come out that the Avalanche are talking to the Rangers about Michael Del Zotto, Chris Kreider, and J.T Miller. The main focus being on Del Zotto who the Avalanche have liked for a while.

In a hypothetical situation, if the Rangers were to move Del Zotto for O’reilly, then who do the Rangers have for a puck moving defenseman? Maybe McDonagh because he does have very good potential to be a great two-way defenseman. But let’s look at the farm system for the Rangers, they don’t have any offensive defenseman in the system, at least not any that could make an impact anytime soon. The Rangers have Brady Skjei, Dylan McIlrath, and Calle Andersson, who are all more known for their defensive game than their offense. The Rangers defense is anchored by Marc Staal, and Dan Girardi both who maintain a strong presense as shutdown defenseman. The Rangers do have Anton Stralman, who is considered an offensive defenseman, but he is not a top 6 defenseman and I don’t think anyone would be comfortable with him as the primary source of offense from the blueline.

Looking at Chris Kreider, he’s had a slow start to the season, so maybe some fans would be more likely to pull the trigger on a deal for Kreider, but that would just be a bad idea. The speed Kreider has is unreal, and he showed such promise in the playoffs and he was a big factor for them as well. Once he gets his confidence back he should find his way back on the score sheet, he is too good of a talent to keep down for long, or to trade away.

The last player is J.T Miller. With Miller we’ve only seen a small sample size, with 6 games under his belt it’s tough to tell what we should expect. He had two goals against the Islanders, but he hasn’t had any points in his other five games. The Rangers really value their 15th overall selection in 2011, and with him being 19, I don’t see the Rangers moving him.

Moving on to O’Reilly, its not only the resources the Rangers would have to move, it’s also the money. There was word O’Reilly wanted upwards of $5 million a year, which for the Rangers would just be a mistake. They have $22 million wrapped up in Brad Richards, Marian Gaborik, and Rick Nash. Lundqvist is at $6.8 million per year, Callahan at $4.2 million, plus Staal and Girardi are over $3 million each. At the end of the season the Rangers will have to re-sign Derek Stepan, Carl Hagelin, and Ryan McDonagh, all of which will be in for some decent raises plus the cap will be lower for next season. Then the following year Marian Gaborik, Ryan Callahan, Dan Girardi, Michael Del Zotto, and Henrik Lundqvist will all be free agents, so the Rangers will have a ton of work to do.

There’s also the point of where he fits in the the lineup. The Rangers bottom six forwards haven’t been great this year, but with Derek Stepan and Brad Richards as the top two centers, the Rangers would be dealing for a third line forward, a very good one, but still a third line forward. So you’re looking at the top puck moving defenseman, and two great young prospects, it’s just not worth it.

If Glen Sather were to make this move I think it would be a horrible move for the team. This is the man who literally robbed the Columbus Blue Jackets this past summer in the deal for Rick Nash.

The Rangers most likely won’t deal for O’Reilly, but the rumors are getting tiresome, so I’m just saying, lets stop, please.

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