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Winnipeg Jets Fans Protesting To Keep Nickelback From Performing Opening Night

A quite amusing story that’s floating around is that Winnipeg Jets fans don’t want the band, “Nickelback” to perform on their opening night and they are going as far as the protest the idea entirely. You just have to love this.

Here are some snippets from the original article from Winnipeg Free Press.

As people who love music and love Winnipeg even more, we have a request: Please ensure this does not happen. The return of the NHL to Winnipeg is something we have been dreaming about for 15 years. Please do not sully the celebration with the presence of a band whose existence is antithetical to the very concept of celebration.

Why detract from the fun atmosphere of the return of the Jets by booking a dour, depressing band that has done little but inspire more dour, depressing bands, such as Theory of a Dead Man, Three Days Grace and Hinder. Music critics actually use “Theory of a Dead Nickelback” as shorthand for humourless, joyless, mid-tempo, plodding CanCon that only exists to make life easy for unimaginative radio programmers and manufacturers of pyrotechnics.

This just makes me laugh, and feel free to read the rest of the article, but this is something I completely agree with. In my most honest opinion, Nickelback has just taken what great bands like Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and Nirvana have made famous, regurgitated it, made it more audience-friendly, and called it their own. Nickelback barely belongs in stores, or on the radio, so they absolutely don’t belong anywhere hockey related. 

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